Nathan Goldenzweig

Exploring my own personal family roots in search of identity 

Buenos Aires, Argentina, 2015

Wifey, Mexico, Pregnant with our first son [2017]

Rosario Argentina, 1930 years [archival photograph, unknown Photographer]

Homero, somewhere in Argentina, 2015

My son Eli w/his mother, 2018

Two of my three brothers w/newly planted olive trees, Tuscany

Dad healing from cancer w/ his Grandson Eli, olive grove in Tuscany home, 2018

Niece at a wedding, León, Mexico 2014

Left: My Great-grandmother in Syria before migration to Argentina. Right: with her family in Rosario, Argentina [archival photograph, unknown Photographer]

Slovak army battalion during the second world war before its dismantlement. The tall soldier in the foreground is my grandfather, who later became a photographer & engineer. [archival photograph, unknown Photographer]

My (Married-in) Mexican Family during a Piñata, León, 2017

My Grandfather, Czechoslovakia [archival photograph, unknown Photographer]

Mother, Tuscany, Italy, 2015

My Sweet Mexican Family, 2017

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