Nathan Goldenzweig

About me

Hi there!

I am Nathan, and I don't like to talk about myself, but rather focus all the attention on my photography and my subjects.

But if I had to say anything about me and my approach, it would be that I'm a chiaroscuro lover and observer of humans*, that I enjoy working with cameras that challenge me as a Photographer as opposed to doing all the work for me (eye autofocus) and that I could and would not want to live without music.

If you want to know more about me personally, Street Photography Magazine knows best!**



*and animals, no wildlife photographer though.

**I encourage you to click on this weekly Podcast episode to the left and navigate through my website while listening to this discussion (You should keep this page opened in your browser though, so please use CTRL+CLICK)


2015 VII Photo Agency Mentor Program with EyeEm - Honorable Mention – 'Untold Stories' Photo Contest

2015 URBAN PHOTOGRAPHER OF THE YEAR Finalist/Hourly Winner (01:00 AM) 'Cities at work'-competition -

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